INT_winterLab_jpgEngage your senses and brighten your winter with the hottest theatre from the coldest country at Intrepid Theatre’s Winterlab, January 25 – Feburary 1, 2014. The most innovative theatre artists from across the Great White North take over spaces both traditional and unconventional with work that will stretch the imaginations, engage the senses and spark conversations. Multi-disciplinary live performances from Halifax, Whitehorse and brand new work from artists right here at home are all part of the week long festival that returns for a second year. Winterlab will start with a launch party  - the phone is ringing and it’s for you – a one-on-one theatre project from Ottawa/Victoria and a projection show from Halifax, and end with the same company throwing a goodbye party to the city. In between these parties, will be a week of residencies, a puppet and live action adventure for the whole family, and more, so stay tuned…




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weareherescreenshotWinterlab Fête

We kick the festival off with a party, a fête! We combine a rocking speakeasy experience with two live performances that will involve, engage, inspire and delight you. Theatre, local brews, artists and friends in a killer downtown venue- what better way to fête the night away! BUY TICKETS.

(We) Are Here - Secret Theatre * Halifax

Projections, music and animation collide as two performers manipulate the equipment in this live film made by hand that tells the story of a homesick girl adrift far from home .

Watch a video of (We) Are Here.



can we talkCan We Talk – An STO Union Creation* Ottawa/Victoria


The phone’s ringing and it might be for you! Sarah from Ottawa is on the line and she has some questions about life in Victoria. Part storytelling, part conversation, Can we talk is an exploration of the impulse to leave the place where you were born, emigration by choice, and the decision to stay behind.  Can we talk is an interactive and immersive live art piece for one audience member. Call TicketRocket at 250.590.6291 to reserve your spot on Friday, jan 30 and Saturday Feb 1 between 6 and 8pm. Space is limited.



January 25     Doors at 8pm       The HQ     1501 Douglass     BUY TICKETS

Mind of a Snail webAgainst Gravity 

Mind of a Snail*Vancouver

Gravity oppresses us all!

Part shadow puppet show and part live musical performance, Mind of a Snail’s “Against Gravity” is a mind-bending journey through a world filled with surprises. We meet anti-gravity protesters, an advice-giving snail and several near death experiences. Unlike a traditional shadow puppet show, the two performers of Mind of a Snail, Jessica Gabriel and Chloe Ziner, are both visible throughout the show. Using an overhead projector, Jessica projects colourful imagery onto a large screen while Chloe creates a live soundtrack with beat-boxing, guitar loops and help from the audience.

January 25     7pm     Intrepid Theatre Club    1609 Blanshard    BUY TICKETS

The Playground

Explore and play in a studio filled with gear, gadgets, toys, trash, and guest facilitators. Slide into some fun in this all-ages hi-and-low tech playground. This FREE and fun event is a great way to spend an hour or a whole afternoon. Come play!

January 25 & 26     12-4pm     Intrepid Theatre Club    1609 Blanshard


ScienceCity1Sci-Fi Double Feature

Ramshackle Theatre * Whitehorse

A magical collision of puppetry and film scored with an original soundtrack.  This is a cardboard science fiction puppet show and a full-blown 1960’s action-adventure B-movie, fun for the whole family – come in Sci-Fi costume and get free popcorn!

Watch a video of Sci-Fi Double Feature.


January 30 & 31     7pm     Metro Studio    1411 Quadra    BUY TICKETS


2012-Farewell-Aarhus-FOTO-Martin Dam Kristensen-02Farewell Victoria

Secret Theatre *Halifax

Two performers transform an empty storefront into a live video backdrop in this goodbye party for our city, complete with one last slow-dance. This piece offers a unique perspective on an old city; an opportunity to imagine what this place would be like if all the people who left had stayed.

Watch a video of Farewell here.


January 31 & February 1      8pm     Suite 122 – 560 Johnson Street (part of Market Square)    BUY TICKETS


Petri Dish Residency

Intrepid Theatre re-launches Petri Dish at Winterlab, as an artist residency for companies who have produced a YOU Show.  The Petri Dish Residency offers artists the opportunity to explore a new idea, play, to experiment, to explore, to collaborate with Winterlab artists and to maybe discover something amazing. Victoria’s Impulse Theatre and Vancouver’s Star Star Theatre are the inaugural resident companies.

Impulse Theatre will explore a new work, Ana Lama. The piece is based on reactions to the methodology of a group known as the Future Feminists, featuring musicians CocoRosie and Antony Hegarty, based on a hashtag (#analama) disseminated by the group as their response to the death of a young girl in Saudi Arabia; a victim of fatal sexual assault by her father, he paid blood money to avoid prison, and only half the usual amount as the victim was a girl.

Star Star Theatre will explore shadow puppetry as storytelling, voice-over narration and devising work as they work with journal entries from a father and daughter in developing a new work that will premiere later in 2014 as a YOU Show.